Digitally Uploaded


We go retro with The Internet Archive (Digitally Uploaded 2017, Episode #6)

February 13, 2017

We have a bit of a different episode for the Digitally Uploaded podcast this week; it's all about the Internet Archive and the games it stores on its digital database.

Matt C, Matt S and James all picked a game from the Internet Archive to play, and reflect on in the podcast; how has it held up, and whether it's worthwhile having an archive with which to access these kinds of games (of course it is!)

Enjoy the podcast, and be sure to check out the Internet Archive to relive some of your own favourite games!

The music used in this week's podcast includes:
Party, Party - IA
Wood Land - Wiz 'n' Liz
Title Theme - Sim City (SNES)
The Band Awakens - Rayman

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Matt: @digitallydownld
Alan: @Ironshroom
James: @j_swinbanks