Digitally Uploaded


Silly names for games, and things we love that we once hated (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #16)

We've finally convinced Alan to take another swing at Final Fantasy XII, now that it's out on Nintendo Switch, and he's enjoying the heck out of it.

We also have a chat about the names that game developers give games... because frankly, a lot of publishers don't do a good job there. What makes a video game title good, and why do so many developers and publishers get that wrong?

Finally, we also chat about NISA's latest one, and talk about all kinds of weird stuff besides.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you next week!



PlayStation State of Play - a bust? And we talk about spoilers! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #15)

Sony held a PlayStation State of Play last week, so we talk about what we saw in there, and whether Sony has its event formula nailed down properly yet (it probably doesn't).

We also have a good chat about spoilers, and whether people are starting to take that too far (they probably are). Finally, in the wake of Ubisoft going out there and actively claiming that its new Tom Clancy game "isn't political," when it quite blatantly is, we have a good laugh at how sour the discource around politics in games has turned.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you next week!



The games of May, Mortal Kombat, and “-punk” games! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #14)

The next big fighting game to land on the scene, Mortal Kombat XI, released recently, and we've been playing it pretty hard. This week we take a look at that game and, of course, its infamous violence.

We also chat about the (many) games releasing in May. It's going to be a good month, so get ready to add to that backlog!

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we look forward to seeing you next week!



Persona, Persona, Persona! Also Yoshi, just ’cause (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #13)

It was a huge week for Persona news last week, so naturally that dominates the chat we had on the podcast!

We also took the opportunity to chat on about Yoshi, given the recent new game and the fact we hadn't had the chance to talk about that until now. Finally, we talk about survival games. The worst genre (not really, but we do talk about some of the issues that we have with it as a whole).

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you next week!



PlayStation 5, Persona in Smash and Aussie fanservice (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #12)

We have a special guest this week, with Lachlan Snell, the Aussie developer behind the recent JRPG/visual novel blend, Alluna and Brie, jumping on to tell us all about his new game, from its Aussie humour to its stylish blend of Persona-style storytelling and copious fanservice.

We also chat about the slivers of information that have been emerging about the PlayStation 5, and the newest Smash Bros. DLC - Joker from Persona 5! Is he good? You betya.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you at the next podcast!



Final Fantasy, retro remakes, and baseball! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #11)

It's been such a big couple of weeks for Final Fantasy, with IX, VII, X and X-2 releasing on the Nintendo Switch within weeks of one another... and FFXII just around the corner.

So this week on the podcast we talk about those games. Additionally, we chat about remakes - what makes a good remake, and when should great games be left alone?

Finally, we chat about baseball. Not just because MLB The Show is recently released, but Konami also has one coming, about the (better) Japanese baseball league. That's one worth looking forward to, if you don't mind the import.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you next week!



Sekiro, Borderlands, and the Epic store (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #10)

We're back! After a couple of weeks off because Matt was in Japan (hope you enjoyed the special top 20 music countdown!), we're back, and with a brand new podcast, looking at some of the biggest conversations that has been going on with video games.

First up, we chat about Sekiro, which has been causing all kinds of discussions over the past few weeks since it released. It's good though. Very good.

Then we chat about Borderlands and the ongoing nonsense regarding the Epic store. Apparently people don't like using it or something.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll catch you all next week!



Twenty brilliant pieces of game music, part 2!

Last week we kicked off a countdown of 20 of our favourite pieces of game music - not necessarily the best, but certainly our favourites. This week we finish that countdown!

From Final Fantasy to Wild Arms, Donkey Kong to The World Ends With You, there's been so much great music made for video games, it was certainly hard to narrow it down to a celebration of 20! We hope you like what we've chosen, though, and would love to hear your own picks as well!

See you next time!



Twenty brilliant pieces of game music, part 1!

Over the next two weeks, we're going to be sharing some of the DDNet team's favourite pieces of game music. These aren't necessarily the best pieces of all time (we all walked away from recording this podcast and immediately thought of another dozen tracks we could talk about), but these are all brilliant pieces of music that are critical to the quality of the games themselves.

So tune in to the tunes and enjoy! We also briefly introduce why we love these pieces of music, so be sure to let us know why you like these tracks, and any others that you would have added to our little list!

And be sure to tune in next week when we finish up our little list!



RIP PlayStation Vita, we hardly knew ye. Also we love Caligula! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #9)

Last week brought the sad news that Sony was formally putting an end to the PlayStation Vita, the little handheld that could, so this week on the Digitally Uploaded podcast, we reminisce about all the good times we had with that console, and the great games we played.

We also have another chat about The Caligula Effect - a game we seemingly can't stop playing or thinking about. It's just that good.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we'll see you next week!