Digitally Uploaded


The games of August, dream cross-overs, and we love Dragon Quest (Digitally Uploaded 2017, Episode #27)

August 1, 2017

August is one very busy month for games. The entire month sees an unending stream of really exciting titles to look forward to, so this week on the Digitally Uploaded podcast, we chat about the title's we're most looking forward to.

We also take a look at Dragon Quest, following the wonderful news that Dragon Quest XI will be localised into English. It's a brilliant franchise, and we love it at DDNet, so you can expect a lot of gushing there.

Finally, with Warriors All Stars being one of the big releases this month, we also get to chatting about what character crossover games we'd like the most. And, yes, Hatsune Miku would be perfect in all of them.

Thanks as always for listening! Here are the social media accounts of everyone on this week's podcast, if you'd like to jump on and chat with us:

Matt S: @digitallydownld
Matt C: @MC_Odd
Ginny W: @ginnywoes

And if you liked any of the music on the show, here's the tracklist:

Tricolore Airlines - Hatsune Miku
The Eigth Canticle - Masquerada
Final Fantasy 2 - Battle Theme
Flower Garden - Yoshi's Island