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JRPGs, JRPGs, and yet more JRPGs (Digitally Uploaded 2017, Episode #28)

August 7, 2017

It's all about JRPGs this week! What got us into JRPGs, what we love about the genre, and all that good stuff. From the classics, right through to the modern examples of the genre. We also discuss what might be driving the renaissance for JRPGs today - because between the likes of Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Yakuza 0 and NieR: Automata, there has been an absolute surge for the genre in recent years. So why are we talking all about JRPGs this week? Because we all love the genre, of course!

What are your favourite JRPGs, and what got you into the genre? Let us know - we're always keen to hear from fellow fans of the genre!

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And if you liked any of the music on the podcast this week, here's the track list for you:

Dye - Megurine Luka
Prologue - Lost Odyssey
Theme - Fire Emblem 7
Opera Theme - Final Fantasy VI