Digitally Uploaded


Games of the year (so far), the PlayStation Vita’s best month in ages, and more! (Digitally Uploaded 2017, Episode #18)

May 16, 2017

Whoo! The podcast recording technology worked this week, the technical demons have been squashed, and we're back after a week's forced hiatus!

Because the DDNet awards cycle runs from December to November, we're actually six months in to the "year" this month, so we thought we'd look back at the many game of the year contenders and talk about which have really resonated with us, and which are likely to pick up awards.

We also talk about the humble PlayStation Vita, which is enjoying one of its best months for game releases ever, despite being a supposedly "dead" console. And plenty more besides! It's a good podcast this week, we swear.

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And if you liked any of the music from this week's podcast, here's the tracklist for you:

Winter Gift - Hatsune Miku
Main Menu Music - Horizon Zero Dawn
Theater - Persona 4
Main Theme - The Sexy Brutale