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October 2022 Podcast: People need to better understand how games are made, also rhythm games!

We've got another big, 2-hour episode of the podcast for your listening pleasure this month!

In addition to our usual wrap of all the games coming out this month, we chat about a lack of understanding about how games get made and published. This is of course in response to the GTA VI leaks from a few weeks ago, but it does seem to be a timeless topic - why do people not better learn about how games are made? 

And then we also chat about a favourite genre of ours at DDNet - the rhythm game genre! What are its strengths and weaknesses as a genre, and how awesome is this new tuba-playing rhythm game that is doing the rounds right now?

Thanks as always for tuning in everyone and let us know your own thoughts on this episode's topics!



September 2022 Podcast: Handhelds to dominate gaming & the issues we have with endless updates

Welcome to another massive episode of the DDNet podcast! This month we kick things off with a look at all the big releases happening (it is a lot!) as usual... then we talk about handhelds. With competition heating up to bring Steam handhelds to market, will we even need consoles and PCs soon?

From there we talk about endlessly updating games. Is it a good thing that games are updated now and previous versions of those games are purged from existence? We would argue that that's not so cut-and-dry.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and do let us know your own thoughts on these subjects!



August 2022 Podcast: How to make a game-based TV show that doesn’t suck! Also, we <3 short games!

A couple of us on the podcast made the terrible mistake of watching the new Resident Evil television series recently. It really was a mistake - don't do it to yourselves - but in watching that we realised that there was a good discussion in there about what motivates these TV/film adaptations of video games, and why are they rarely any good?

In addition, we chat about the ongoing discourse around short games. Stray really did kick off a new round of that, but on the podcast, we take a broader video on the topic, and try and define the role that length has in video games versus the role that it should have.

Naturally, we also lay out all the big game releases for the month ahead, and it's going to be a big one... though whether there's much there that will be truly essential while we're all still working through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 remains to be seen.

Thanks as always for tuning in, everyone!



July 2022 Podcast: What is the value of blockbuster JRPGs, and how does the next year look for Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo?

This month on the Digitally Uploaded podcast, we discuss what the next 12 months look like for the major console publishers. Now that their mid-year streams and shows have ended, what do we think will happen in the next few months...

Then we discuss this concept of the "blockbuster" JRPG. In a genre that's so often niche and unassuming... do we even need those big-ticket JRPGs, designed for all audiences?

Finally, of course, we discuss all the big games coming out this month... speaking of JRPGs, it's going to be a big one.

Thanks as always for tuning in!



June 2022 Podcast: Interview! Celebrating the most indie of indie with Super Rare Games’ Ryan Brown

Hello listeners! We've got a cracking good podcast this month, with Ryan Brown of Super Rare Games jumping on to talk about his amazing Mixtape project, where he collects together some of the best indie titles from and other places, and gives you a chance to own amazing artistry and creativity in a physical format.

We also talk about the game series that we can't ever get enough of (Warriors/Musou and Mario Bros. rank highly, unsurprisingly), and as always we run through the big upcoming games for the month... fair warning to your backlogs, there are a lot of them.

Kick back, tune in and enjoy!



May 2022 Podcast: NFTs are going to ruin games. Also, non-linear storytelling

The news yesterday that Square Enix was selling off its western development studios to help fund a move into blockchain gaming, NFTs and other such things makes this podcast all the more pertinent. We actually recorded it before that news broke, but we actually talk about how terrible NFTs will be to the video game industry going forwards.

Elsewhere, we list off the massive number of May game releases you should be looking forward to, and chat about video game narratives that would be absolutely impossible to achieve in other media; just how can video games shape themselves as a unique storytelling medium.

Thanks as always for tuning in and we'll see you next month!



April 2022 Podcast: Stranger of Paradise! Also… what is the game canon?

This month on the Digitally Uploaded podcast, we chat about Stranger of Paradise - Square Enix and Koei Tecmo's new action JRPG that is turning heads and amusing people... but is also one of the smartest games that you'll play all year and highlights some important developments in video games as an art form.

Then, we chat about the game canon. What makes a game "canon"? Is it just that it's the most fun game? That it sells well? Or are there other qualities that elevate the great and entertaining to the masterpieces of the form?

And of course we chat about the big game releases of the month. April is a quieter month than the first quarter of the year, but there are still some gems to look forward to!



March 2022 Podcast: Elden Ring! Also… spoilers are silly

Howdy peeps, and welcome to the March edition of the Digitally Uploaded podcast! We've got some great stuff to chat through this month so kick back and enjoy the 2-hour ride!

First, we run through all the stuff releasing in the month ahead (it's a staggering line-up of games). Then we talk about Elden Ring - a game that is surely going to be turning heads for many years to come (and with good reason). Finally, we talk about spoiler culture, and just how much our obsession with spoilers is letting the art form down.

Enjoy the show, let us know what you think, and we'll see you next month for more!



February 2022 Podcast: Pokémon Arceus is not an ugly game!

Welcome to the February edition of the Digitally Uploaded podcast!

This month we have one thing on our minds: Pokémon! With the first brand new Pokémon title in quite some time - Arceus - landing on our doorsteps, we've been playing it like mad because this is an absolute return to form for the series. And so we have focused the podcast on this topic.

Not only do we chat about Arceus itself, but how Game Freak is managing the property, our own history with Pokémon, and what we might see from the series going forwards.

Finally, Happy Lunar New Year! It's the year of the Tiger and we hope it's a good one for all our friends that celebrate this wonderful day in many Asian calendars.



January 2022 Podcast! We’re back! Also, emulation consoles and board games!

We're back for 2022! And we've got a great podcast to kick things off!

This week, we're chatting about emulation consoles - what they are, why they're great, and what we can expect from them in 2022. When it comes to archiving and accessing the otherwise lost games of yesteryear, emulation consoles are worth their weight in gold.

We also chat about digital board games - what we like to play and why we like them.

Thanks for tuning in, and let's have a great 2022!


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